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Ignite Church would not be possible without the help of our volunteers and we love them! Each week they help those who come through our doors experience an intentionally hospitable, friendly, and engaging participation in the church. Our teams are filled with wonderful people who are focused on serving others and helping people. If you are interested in serving at Ignite Church, please read through each description of the ministry teams that are available, see which one aligns with your passion and abilities, and then fill out the form below.

I want to Serve


The Worship Team at Ignite has a passion, energy, and desire for leading people into worship individually and corporately on Sunday mornings as well as at other functions the church has. 


Our Production Team ensures that Sunday morning worship services are distraction free. From Audio to Visual.
Areas to serve range from

  • Sound
  • ProPresenter
  • Lighting


Our Creative Team exists to bring creative elements into each Sunday morning as well as for other areas in which Ignite operates. Some of the different areas Creative Team creates are:

  • Video production
  • Graphic design
  • Stage design
  • Photography


As a portable church. The Set Up/Tear Down Team works hard behind the scenes to ensure that each Sunday morning service runs smoothly.
This means that every Sunday, our Set Up/Tear Down Team shows up early to help set up the Auditorium the Lobby, and the Children's Church area – and tear down directly after the service.


Our ignitekids Team focuses on teaching the next generation the Bible one story at a time, engaging children on a creative level, and supervising playtime. The ignitekids team’s hope is that parents may attend our Sunday service knowing their children are learning about Jesus and having fun, all while in a safe environment.

  • All volunteers are required to pass a full background check to serve in this area.


The goal of our Welcome Team is to make sure everyone feels welcome so they can experience God without feeling lost in a new place. Whether that's by greeting them at the door, serving them coffee, or helping them to the check-in station for their children for ignitekids.


Our Security Team is responsible for monitoring the lobby and Children's Church classrooms to ensure the safety of the children. They also assist with Children's Church check-out. 

  • All volunteers are required to pass a full background check to serve in this area.

I want to Serve