The Lions Den

The Lions Den

August 18, 2019 | Brandon Smith

Passage: Daniel 6

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Following Jesus in today’s culture is hard. Every day we encounter circumstances that challenge our allegiance to Jesus. From our workplaces to the weekend, from politics to our most personal relationships, the culture tells us to live one way while God calls His people to live distinctly another way.

This creates a tension for followers of Jesus. How can we remain loyal to our God while living in a culture that is anything but? Like us, Daniel found himself in a similar tension. Daniel was an exile. Taken from his home country of Judah to serve the king of the mighty Babylonian Empire, Daniel was faced with a difficult question. Would he continue to give ultimate allegiance to his God in a culture that demanded allegiance to it? Despite every opportunity to shift allegiance to the culture around him, Daniel remained faithful to his God. The book of Daniel is not just an ancient story; instead, Daniel is a timeless account that gives you and me wisdom for thriving in exile today.

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