The Heart of the Kingdom

Series: The Gospel of Matthew | Chapters 8-9

The Heart of the Kingdom

March 22, 2020 | Steve Krier

Passage: Matthew 9:35-38


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Sermon Discussion Questions

  1. Why should we be concerned about both people's spiritual and physical needs?
  2. What does it mean for Jesus to be called the good shepherd?
  3. How would it change the way we live if we really began to understand the need of those who don’t yet follow Christ?
  4. Do you believe the harvest is truly plentiful? What implications should that reality have on your life?

Series Information

Jesus comes to us. This is the astounding theme in the chapters that follow the Sermon on the Mount. In his sermon, Jesus described the kingdom of God in words. In chapters 8-9, he demonstrates the reality of the kingdom in action. In other words, the kingdom of God is not just a theory, but a reality that brings restoration to all kinds of people.

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