Ignite Students

The teen years are the most formative and challenging years of life. The decisions made in these years can set the trajectory for the rest of a student’s life. For parents, we recognize this is both exciting and daunting. At Ignite, we see these formative years in a student’s life as an opportunity for God to shape and mold them into a strong disciple who will make a lasting impact in their world.

Discipleship Begins in the Home

God has given parents the privilege of being their student’s main spiritual influence and biggest encourager. With schedules only getting busier throughout the youth years, we believe parents have to be more intentional with their students—not less. At Ignite, we are committed to equipping, praying for, and walking with our families to make the strongest disciples possible in the home.

We believe strong disciples are best made in multi-generational community. All throughout Scripture we see parents and children - young and old - sharing meals, worshipping, and gathering around God's Word together. This is the historic pattern for discipleship. At Ignite we desire to make strong, lasting, disciples within the family and across generations. Our Integrate Life Groups afford us the best opportunity of doing just that. To learn more about our Integrate Life Groups, CLICK HERE

Students need Christ-centered relationships with other students

Following Jesus in the teen years is difficult. Students are stronger when they have friends who can walk with them on their faith journey. That is why we have strategically planned classes, retreats, and events throughout the year for our students to grow together. These classes, retreats, and events are designed to strengthen our students in their relationships with God and with others. They reinforce, but do not replace, discipleship in the home. These offerings also give our students a place to invite their friends who may not know Jesus to come and encounter God with them.

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We believe the church is stronger when students are a part of it

This is why we focus on integrating them into the life of the church. Our students integrate into the life of the church in the same way any follower of Jesus does: by worshipping collectively each weekend and building relationships with people in groups throughout the week. Each weekend, we encourage our students to serve the church by giving of their time, taken, and treasure.

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