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Lead A Life Group

Lead A Life Group

Do you want to play a key role in making strong disciples at Ignite?


Your Role

Life Group leaders get to be on the front lines making strong
disciples to impact the world.

Here's the role you will play as a Life Group leader:

Train: Be a disciple.
Develop: Make disciples.
Multiply: Send disciples.

Before You Lead a Life Group

01.  Apply by filling out the Leadership Application.
02. Connect with a pastor and attend a leadership training event.
03. Prepare to lead by reviewing the Life Group Leadership Handbook and personally inviting 8-10 people to join your Life Group. 

While You Lead a Life Group

01. Attend the Life Group Gather Night one time each semester.
02. Connect with your coach three times during the semester.
03. Make Disciples within your group by connecting with your group members both inside and outside of the weekly meeting during the semester.