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Foundations Classes

Foundations Classes

Foundations classes are designed for providing, shaping, and building a solid biblical foundation for individuals and families.

Why Should I Take a Foundations Class?

Foundations classes are for those who want to regularly maintain or improve their understanding and application of the areas of Faith, Family, and Finance. The source of our foundation is found in God’s inerrant, divine Word. Our strategy is to help people discover truth, deepen existing understanding, and deploy what they know in their lives and to those around them.

Sign up for a Foundations Class 

Join a Foundations Class in a few simple steps:


01. Select "Group Type"
02. Choose "Classes"
03. Choose a Foundations Class that works for you.
04. Contact the leader with the email address provided.

The Foundations Class leader will reach out to you shortly with details and an invitation to join their group!

Class fees may apply. These fees are to cover the cost of materials necessary for the participants in the class.