For The Family

The family can be a very powerful instrument in the hands of God. Unfortunately our families are bombarded and assaulted by busyness and brokenness. But have no fear! God is still for us and our families! At Ignite, we are for the family. We are committed to helping you develop into the family God has envisioned: a small community with Jesus at the center.

For The Family Milestones


Babies are created in God's image, and are a gift to both their families and the church. It is a joy to celebrate with moms, dads, brothers, and sisters as they welcome a new baby.  Families with new babies are visited by an Ignite Church member and receive a gift. To learn more, click here.

Child dedication

Parents dedicate themselves in front of the church body to raise their child in a Christ-centered home. The church body pledges to stand with the family and come alongside the family to raise the child to know Jesus Christ and follow him. To learn more, click here.

KinderGarten Bibles

When a child enters Kindergarten, they will receive a Bible with a handwritten note from their parents inscribed in it. Students will be presented their Bibles in front of the church body while the value of God's Word in the home is communicated. To learn more, click here.

sexual purity commitment

Parents and children in 5th grade attend a class to discuss God’s plan for Sexual Purity. Resources are provided for families to build heart-to-heart communication between the parent and pre-teen while laying a foundation of purity that will prepare them for the years ahead. To learn more, click here.

5th grade bibles

Fifth graders will receive a bible with a handwritten note from their parents inscribed in it. Students will be presented their Bibles in front of the church body while the value of God’s Word in the home is communicated.To learn more, click here.

integrate life groups

At Ignite, we desire to make strong, lasting disciples within the family and across generations. Our Integrate Life Groups afford us the best opportunity of doing just that. To learn more, click here.