Encounter God. Impact the World.

People are looking for a defining moment to give their life meaning and a fruitful journey to give their life purpose. We all are grappling with sin and Ignite Church exists to help others understand that brokenness, hopelessness and fear are not how we were meant to live. Rather, we want the people of our community, and the world, to know eternity with God and a life of meaning and purpose that makes an impact.

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The leadership of Ignite Church have committed to providing content and resources to help you pursue God during this challenging season. You will find new devotionals posted on our website every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 5:00am. All of these devotional resources will go along with our In Christ sermon series that begins March 29th and runs through April 26th. We encourage you to watch our weekend worship services on Sunday mornings at 9:15am, and use these bi-weekly devotionals to dig deeper into the scriptures we are preaching through in this series. 

Ignite Church's Response to COVID-19 | Updated 5.11.2020

We continue to monitor the rapidly changing nature of the COVID-19 as a church. You can read Ignite Church updates on our response to COVID-19 by clicking the link below. 

Ignite Church's COVID-19 Updates